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Nueva Esperanza Community Action  Program

Nueva Esperanza Community Action Program is carried out by a Sisterhood of Community Healers


who are actively engaged in:








for collective liberation.

Trauma Healing

Community Leadership

Purpose-Based Education

1. Trauma Healing

                                      for personal and collective liberation.

Nueva Esperanza Community Action program is fueled by a sisterhood of 9 young women who are in an intensive process of healing in their own lives and in the broader fabric of their community.

Members of the Nueva Esperanza sisterhood are actively emerging as community healers by:

1. Engaging in individual somatic therapy sessions to identify and transform patterns and trauma that impede their growth, and tap into the healing medicine of their body's intuition.

2. Attending trainings and practice sessions in non-violent communication, Internal Family Systems, co-counseling, and grief rituals.

3. Cultivating a culture of feedback in which conflicts are brought to light and transformed through restorative circles, mediation, courageous and vulnerable expression, and empathetic listening.

3. University Studies for Healing and Transformation


2. Community Leadership

                                        for deepening connection and resilience.

Nueva Esperanza sisterhood members take on active leadership roles in their community.


They design and facilitate weekly meetings, to enhance inter-personal relations and emotional well-being in their community, drawing from their ever-growing knowledge base of practical tools and exercises to heal and transform cycles of inter-generational trauma and violence.

Sisterhood members facilitate the following weekly community groups:

1. Children's group, ages 8 to 13

2. Youth group (Jóvenes en Acción), ages 14-25

3. Women's group, ages 20+


3. Purpose-Based Education

                                              for healing and transformation.

Members of the Nueva Esperanza sisterhood take part in both formal and informal educational opportunities to build their power and social consciousness as effective community leaders and healers.

Jacqueline, pictured above with her daughter Valeria, is studying social work, and recently participated in a day-trip to learn about and support the women factory workers participating in a hunger strike demanding stolen wages and just compensation.

Sisterhood members further their education in the following ways:

1. Pursuing university degrees that can enhance their work of community healing and liberation

2. Participating in workshops on topics such as: healthy sexuality, group facilitation techniques, sociocratic decision-making, etc.

3. Participating in trips to historical memory sites, exchanges with other organized youth, and trips to support social justice movements


Are you able to join the Sisterhood Support Network?

Make a one-time or monthly contribution using the link below.



"La paz no es producto del terror.
La paz no es el silencio de los cementerios.
La paz no es producto de una violencia y de una represión que calla.
La paz es la aportación generosa, tranquila, de todos para el bien de todos.
La paz es dinamismo. La paz es generosidad, es derecho y es deber, en que cada uno se sienta en su puesto en esta hermosa familia."

Peace is not the product of terror/ Peace is not the silence of cemeteries/ Peace is not the silent result of violent repression/ Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all/ Peace is dynamism/

Peace is generosity/ It is right and it is duty/

For everyone to have a place in this beautiful family.

                                                                                            Saint Oscar Romero

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