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Join the Sisterhood Support Network (SSN)


Sisterhood Support Network (SSN)


1. Practice economic solidarity by taking financial responsibility for one Community Healer's participation in the program for a year ($3500)

(Either by contributing personally

Or by engaging one’s community in collectively meeting this need)


2. Participate in our on-going SSN Study in Action group to form community in the US around US/Salvadoran solidarity

Sisterhood Support Network



1. Participate in economic solidarity by contributing any amount to support the Community Healers' formation and community work


2. Participate in our quarterly learning/un-learning events with Salvadoran team members and other social/economic justice advocates



The US-based members of the Nueva Esperanza team have found that insomuch as we learn about our Salvadoran sisters and our inter-connected history and present-day reality, we heal from the wound of seeing our lives as separate from theirs.


And we dare to wake up and steward our privilege (rather than denying it), to invite ourselves and others into the work of collective healing and liberation.


We have committed to un-learning and re-learning about our Salvadoran sisters and the legacy of US-sponsored violence and exploitation in the region. We've committed to supporting the healing work of the Nueva Esperanza sisterhood, and to invite others into this liberatory work of mutual healing.

The Sisterhood Support Network hosts regular learning/un-learning events and compiles and shares stories and resources to support us in our collective learning and healing.

To join the network and receive event invites and network updates, please email, or speak with one of the Nueva Esperanza Reparations Support Team Members.


Nueva Esperanza recognizes that structural violence and oppression have created a world in which some of us have access to resources to pay for things like higher education, therapy, personal/professional development training, etc. and others lack resources to cover basic needs.


We believe that the accumulation of resources is harmful both to those who are left with fewer resources, as well as those who accumulate many at the expense of the majority of people on the planet.


Redistribution of resources is an essential part of healing the wounds resulting from a scarcity of access to opportunities for growth, learning, and healing, and the wounds resulting from an endless accumulation of wealth and the illusion of separateness that keeps those of us in the accumulation trap from sensing our true interconnectedness with and responsibility towards the well-being of all life, not just that of our immediate kin. In releasing our grip on resources, we open to the possibility that security and wholeness may rest more in lives of meaningful relationships and undoing oppression, than in wealth accumulation.

The Nueva Esperanza Community Healers have committed to interrupting and transforming cycles of violence in their own lives and in that of their communities, despite the systemic injustices of US interventions in El Salvador. Supporting the sisterhood's critical and deep healing work is a meaningful step towards acknowledging historical and ongoing harm and recognizing our power to contribute to healing. In supporting the sisterhood, we ensure there are adequate resources for their healing work to continue, and we ourselves begin to heal from the myth of our separateness.


Why Support a

Community Healer?

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 2.53.58 PM.png

Learn and Un-Learn with us through the Nueva Esperanza

Sisterhood Support Network

Make a monthly contribution to cover the following expenses for each community healer:

1. Bi-monthly somatic therapy sessions

2. Monthly university fees

3. Sisterhood formation workshops in non-violent communication and group facilitation

Make a one-time contribution to support the livelihood of Magdalena, our Program Director, whose daily love and leadership is the heartbeat of Nueva Esperanza.


How to Practice Economic Solidarity

as an SSN Ally:

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