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Nueva Esperanza Graduates


In 2020 Neftali completed his Aeronautical Maintenance degree.  Since the pandemic has made it more difficult than usual to pursue work in his field, he has been working as a mechanic in his home community, training many young people in mechanics basics and providing a meaningful pathway for skills-building for young people who lacked access to such opportunities.  When asked about his experience in Nueva Esperanza, he stated:

"The scholarship provided me with a learning experience in my life that has enabled me to serve as an example for my son and my community."

Ing grad.jpg


Ingrid is the first Nueva Esperanza scholar to have pursued and completed a 6-year degree. In November, 2019 she completed her psychology degree, and has continued working in the field of community psychology.   Throughout her six years of studies, she worked as a youth development and "strong families" coach, training youth and families in social emotional skills. She also supported (and continues to support) the Jóvenes en Acción youth group in her community, and mentors new scholars. When asked what her scholarship  meant to her, she stated,

"It was an opportunity for personal growth that has allowed me to help others with the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout this process."



Flor graduated in 2016 with a technical degree in Public Relations. Since graduating, she has managed to find employment in her field of expertise, which is a difficult feat in El Salvador given the disproportionate amount of graduates and job openings. Flor also has a keen ability to accompany other young people in her community through difficult circumstances, which she continues to do regularly, as needs arise. When asked about her scholarship opportunity, Flor stated:


"I became a mother at a young age, and worked many difficult and low-paying jobs to support my family. I remember driving by the university on my bus ride to work and seeing girls in heels headed to class. I felt so sad that I would never study there like them. The scholarship allowed me to achieve this dream. My oldest son now says that he wishes he were already in college. He saw that I could do it, and he knows he can, too."


Bryan graduated in 2016 with a technical degree in Web Engineering. He had decided that higher education wasn't for him, due to the difficulties he was facing, but when he chose to pursue a technical degree, he was reminded of his own unique potential and academic abilities. He graduated in 2016 and is currently working full-time and pursuing an advanced degree in Systems Engineering. In reflecting on his experience, Bryan stated,

"I had lost faith in my ability to pursue higher education, but when I received the scholarship, this was the motivation I needed. Now, I want to keep learning and updating my skills with an advanced degree and computer licensing courses so that I can get a better job that I enjoy."

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